Do you want to impact your followers by participating in a worldwide bicycle event?

And have the opportunity to beat a World Record?
This is what Bike4Tourism proposes to you.

This event will take place in a single day, 30th May 2021 and for 24 hours, it will bring together bicycle-loving people around the world to support social causes, reflect on sustainability and show how the bicycle is a viable option for sustainable tourism.

If 115,000 participants are reached, the initiative will be submitted to Guinness for a world record, and your name and that of your followers can be there.

If you have never been affiliated with a similar initiative, we ask that you read the conditions of participation below and submit your application in order to be considered as an affiliate.

World Event

Participate in a event that wish to reach a new World record

Promote the bicycle as a means of transport

Stimulating sustainable tourism

Support local communities

What is a Bike4Tourism Affiliate?

Is a promoter who publicize the Bike4tourism event to his community. Is someone who believes that we can do more and better together, who feels captivated by promoting the use of the bicycle, whether for leisure, sports, or sustainability, and would like his community to be involved in initiatives that contribute to a better, healthier, more sustainable, more supportive, more conscious world. This is a world event, which wants us to participate separately, but united at the same time, demonstrating our willingness to travel again, with the awareness that we must all contribute to a more sustainable tourism.

Who can become a Bike4Tourism Affiliate?

Who has a community created preferably linked to cycling, tourism or sustainability and who can mobilize participants to the event. As an example, they can be considered influencers, tour operators, travel agents, clubs and / or sports groups, bicycle shops and individuals. If you are a brand and interested in participating, please contact us via email:

What do I need to do to become a Bike4Tourism Affiliate?

The first step is to submit your application using the form provided below.
You will be contacted within 5 working days by the organization.
After approval, you will receive your personalized link by email and it will be this link that will track all participants in your community who sign up for the event.

What you need to do is publicize the event to your community and publish content with the proposed regularity in the publication calendar, always referring to your personalized link that will lead your followers to the event registration page.

A calendar of publications will also be provided, so that you can use as a basis to spread in your community.

The organization will have available posters, images and content that will help you to promote the event.

1- Form

2- Contact for more information

3- Approval and submission of access and link data

4- Publicize and promote the event

What do I gain from becoming a Bike4Tourism Affiliate?

In addition to gain in notoriety when you join a world cycling event and the possibility that your contribution can be associated with a World record, you will also receive a percentage of the registration fee.
This value varies according to the registration fee made by each participant and the affiliate category to which they belong, however it will be between 15% and 24% of the nominal value of each ticket.

The amounts allocated by the participants for donations will not be counted because they will be fully paid to the institution of their choice.

You can follow how many participants registered for the event through your personalized link, through a weekly publication that will be available on this same page.
Registration for the event through your personalized link will be the only way to track and assign the amount to be commissioned (cookies will not be used).

Up until 0 %

How can I receive the amount earned by being a Bike4Tourism Affiliate?

If you become an affiliate of the bike4tourism event, we will enter into a contract with you and we will need your tax data in order to transfer the amount raised to you.

The affiliate must give us a receipt to receive the percentage of tickets/registrations sold.

Since there is a financial transaction, you will have to be able to issue a receipt in order to receive the corresponding amount at the end.

The amount referring to your participation as a Bike4Tourism Affiliate will be paid up to 30 days after the event, via bank transfer.

What if I don’t want to receive a fee for participating as a Bike4Tourism Affiliate?

You can also help a social cause of your choice.

In other words, in the contract signed with us, you can decide to revert part or all of your commission on the subscriptions to a solidarity organization of your choice.

This can even be a way to draw attention to a social cause that you support and to have your followers / collaborators / or friends help in that cause.
If you are unable to issue a receipt, you can leave the money on credit at Domitur Viagens e Turismo to be able to take advantage of a tour package provided by Domitur within 2 years.


If I have any questions / suggestions about the event or the affiliation program how can I contact?

The preferred means of communication will be email We are available to answer any questions and appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Name that will appear in your affiliate link. Ex: