1. The Bike4Tourism is organized by Algarve Nature Tours, that belongs to the company Domitur Viagens e Turismo Lda.
  2. Bike4Tourism has institutional support from its partners and is open to national and international participants.
  3. The event Bike4Tourism will be held on the 30th May 2021.
  4. The main goal of this event is to bring together the maximum number of participants worldwide to reach a new World record using the bicycle.
  5. The event will last 24 hours (on the 30th May 2021 where you are located) for the realization of distances and aims to encourage participants to carry out the activity in short journeys, in their area of residence, complying with the rules of social distance.
  6. Participants must be aware of their physical limitations and only participate if they meet the ideal health conditions to participate. Domitur Viagens e Turismo and its partners are not responsible for any incidents that occur during the participation in the event (there is no accident insurance associated with registration).
  7. To participate, attendants will have to:
  1. Registration in the event, using the form created for that purpose on the website
  2. After confirming their registration, each participant receives a personalized PDF number by email.
  3. Then you must register within the existing Bike4tourism club in the STRAVA application, in order to have your complete registration for the event.
  4. It will be within this Bike4tourism group on the STRAVA platform that the Km, starting time and ending time will be counted.
  5. The participant must fulfil the proposed distance of the event within the defined period. You can fulfil the distance on an outdoor bike or on a static bike, as long as you have a way to count the Km, start of the activity and end of the activity, and upload it to the group bike4tourism within the STRAVA app.
  6. To start the competition, the participant has to publish a photo in the Facebook group, equipped and ready to start by placing the #GOB4T.
  7. During the event, the participant must take a photo at a monument or in a place of interest, in order to promote tourism, placing the #GOB4T.
  8. Once the distance is completed, the participant has to upload his / her route to the Bike4tourism club in the STRAVA app.
  9. By the end of the event, the participant has to upload his / her photos and his / her route in the Facebook group.
  10. After checking the photo of the beginning of the event uploaded in the Facebook group plus the upload of the route made in the Bike4tourism club on the STRAVA app, participation will be valid and the personalized certificate in PDF format is sent by email.
  11. In any situation, the organization will not refund the registration fee.
  12. There are 4 categories of registration:
    1. FREE: Only for children and juveniles up to 18 years old. You are entitled to a digital certificate of participation of the event.
    2. SIMPLE: 18€ per person. You are entitled to a digital certificate of participation of the event and a contribution of 0.50€ for the environmental cause.
    3. VIP: 25€ per person. You are entitled to a digital certificate of participation of the event, a contribution of 1.50€ for the environmental cause, a 10€ voucher from the Algarve Nature Tours brand and access to multiple prize draw.
    4. GOLD: 50€ per person. You are entitled to a digital certificate of participation of the event, a contribution of 2.50€ for the social cause, a 10€ voucher from the Algarve Nature Tours brand, access to multiple prize draw and contribution of 20€ for one environmental cause chosen by the participant (We will send 1 postcard in the name of the participant with the donation to the institution).
  13. The organization reserves the right to assign VIP to athletes / personalities invited by the organization.
  1. All participants will be entitled to a virtual number and a certificate of participation.
  2. The registration kits will be sent to the email provided at the time of registration.
  3. Awards:
  1. Anyone who signs up for VIP or Gold will have access to the drawing of several prizes.
  2. The List of Awards is available on the website
  1. The participation in the event must comply with the rules imposed by the National Health Service of each country, in relation to the practice of sport, on the date of the event, 30th May 2021.
  2. The participant, when registering, authorizes, free of charge and unconditionally, to the organization of the competition and to its associates and sponsors, the rights to use his image, just as it was shared in the filming or photos that we will receive referring to the event, authorizing its reproduction in communication support pieces.
  3. The organization reserves the right to use the database with the elements filled in by the participants in their eventual promotion or other actions.
  4. When registering, all participants automatically declare that they agree to the following disclaimer:
  1. I read and agree with the Regulations available on the website of the event.
  2. I am aware of my state of health and being physically and psychologically able to participate.
  3. When participating in the event, I authorize, free of charge and unconditionally, that the organization and the competition partners use my shared images. By this instrument, I give all the rights to use my image, as captured in photographs and footage that will take place during the tests, waiving the receipt of any amount that may be earned with its disclosure in supporting communication pieces.
  4. I participate on my own free will, exempting the organization, partners, directors, employees and other companies related to the organization of the event from any responsibility resulting from my participation in the competition, before, during and after the same (example: loss personal objects due to theft or other circumstances).
  1. The event may be cancelled due to factors external to the organization (extreme weather conditions, manifestations, government restrictions, etc.).
  2. If the event is cancelled on 30th May 2021, your registration will automatically change to the event rescheduling date.
  3. The organization has a FAQ and an e-mail to support the participants’ questions.

* This regulation may change according to the recommendations of the World Guinness Records evidence monitoring committee.